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Dance Book Club


After our 2003  Workshop entitled:  “The German Influence in Minnesota Modern Dance” people became interested in doing more study around historical ideas in dance.  That became what is now;  “DANCE BOOK CLUB”.

What we’ve read so far:

"Second Skin: Joesphine Baker & the Modern Surface" by Anlin Cheng

"The People Have Never Stopped Dancing: Native American Modern Dance Histories" by Jacqueline Shea Murphy

The Cultivation of the Body and Mind in Nineteenth Century American Delsartism” by Nancy Lee Chalfa  Ruyter

Honest Bodies:  Revolutionary Modernism in the Dances of Anna Sokolow by Hannah Kosstrin
“Ecstasy and the Demon” by Susan Manning
“The Body Ascendant” by Harold B. Segal
“Choreographing Difference” by Susan Leigh Foster
“Done Into Dance” by Ann Daly
“Sharing the Dance” by Cynthia Novak
“The Black Dancing Body” by Brenda Dixon Gottschield
“Meaning in Motion” by Jane Desmond
“Of By and For the People: Dancing on the Left in the 1930’s” by Lynn Garafola
“Moving Lessons” by Margaret H’Doubler
“Harnessing the Wind” by Jan Erkert
“Modern Bodies” by Julia Foulkes
“Modern Dance, Dance Negro Dance” by Susan Manning
“Hitler’s Dancers: German Modern Dance and the Third Reich” by Lillian Karina  and Marion Kant
“Butting Out” by Ananya Chatterjea
“Dancing Many Drums” by Thomas DeFrantz
“Margret Dietz:  A Dancer’s Legacy”  by Elizabeth Carlin Freeman, Marie Winckler Nickell and Linda Lee Soderstrom
“Seeing Israeli and Jewish Dance” by Judith Brin Ingber
“Teaching Dance Through Ideokinetic Principles” by Drid Williams

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